1963 Sept.

Kokusai Gakuin is founded and certified as Kokusai Chori Gakuin. (Kokusai Cooking School)

1966 April Officially recognized by Fuji Fashion Academy. (Japanese/Western knitting)
1968 Oct. Opened Kokusai Cooking building in front of Omiya station.
1969 May Relocated to Kokusai Cooking school in Kishiki-cho, Omiya city and renamed Kokusai Eiyou Gakuin. (Kokusai Nutrition school)
1970 April Established cook training course at Kokusai Nutrition School.
1971 Dec. Approval received for establishment of Kokusai Gakuin Incorporated Educational Institution.
1973 April Omiya childcare vocational school (kindergarten teacher training course) is established.
1974 April Nursery school evening program established at Omiya childcare college.
1975 April Kindergarten and daycare teacher training courses established.
1976 May Kokusai Nutrition academy promoted to vocational school after addition of specialized training course and is renamed as Kokusai Cooking Vocational School by Specialized Training College System.
1977 April Kokusai Nutrition Vocational school opened.
1978 Dec. 15th anniversary of Kokusai Gakuin ceremony.
1979 May Omiya General school building completed.
1982 May Kokusai Vocational School relocated to new building.
1983 Jan. Kokusai Gakuin Saitama Junior College is certified to begin and establishes Early Childhood Education department and Food and Nutrition department.
April Kokusai Gakuin Saitama Junior College opens.
Sept. 20th anniversary of Kokusai Gakuin commemoration ceremony.
1985 Mar. Iwatsuki General Ground Management building completed.
April University hall completed.
1988 April Kokusai Gakuin Ina Upper Secondary Specialized Training School is founded.
July 25th anniversary commemoration ceremony.
1989 Aug. Makoto Hall is completed.
1991 Mar. Completed construction of Omiya General school building.
1993 Sept. 30th anniversary commemoration ceremony.
1995 April 2 year Food and Nutrition course approved by accreditors, Department of Food and Nutrition established.
1996 April 2 year Early Childhood Education course approved by accreditors, Department of Early Childhood Education established.
1998 April Kokusai Gakuin High School opened.
1999 April Kokusai Gakuin signs a sistership agreement with French National Grenoble Cooking school in Grenoble France.
2001 July Kokusai Gakuin Ina campus building is completed.
2003 May Omiya 3rd building is completed.
June Education alliance agreement signed with Sydney University and Macquarie University.
Oct. 40th anniversary commemoration ceremony.
2004 April The Early Childhood Education department changed to the Infant Child Care department. The Food Nutrition department changed to the Health Nutrition department. The Specialized department of Infant Child Care and Specialized department of Food and Nutrition merged into the Department of Health and Nutrition.
Aug. University Independent Creativity Development Program selected as a “Unique university education support program” by the Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science, and Technology.
2006 Oct. Kokusai Gakuin signs a sistership agreement with Vancouver Island University.
2007 Aug. Liberal arts graduation research selected as “unique education support program” by the Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science, and Technology.
2008 Oct. Enhancement of liberal arts education through tutorials selected as “quality university education program” by the Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science, and Technology.
2009 Aug. Employment support program selected for student support promotion program by Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science, and Technology.
2010 April Established Health and Nutrition Cooking department.
2011 April Established the Advanced Cooking department. (1 year course)
Established the Career Development major. (1 year course)
2013 April Kokusai Gakuin Junior High School opened.
Dec. 50th anniversary commemoration ceremony.
2015 April The Health Nutrition department is renamed Health, Nutrition, and Food Department. Confectionary specialization is added.
2018 Dec. Kokusai Gakuin signs U.N. Global Compact (UNGC) joining Global Compact Network Japan. (GCNJ)

Message from Dr. Makoto Ono, founder

We want you to take pride in your profession, with a spirit of study and self-improvement that will never change.

Since its inception, this university has been working to develop specialists in childcare and nutrition and the development of the “human resource” through education with an emphasis on individuality. This is based on the spirits of our foundation “Conscientious behavior, self-development, benevolence and service, human reliability, and peaceful harmony” and our core policies of “Respectful Salutation, Cleanliness, and punctuality.”
Although quite natural, these are the most important attitudes when living our lives and building a relationship of trust between people. In the present era when it is no longer possible to do these things as easily as we once did, there is a great demand for the ability to handle these interactions. This, I believe, is tied to our university’s post-graduation employment rate.
 The environment surrounding education and food is changing year by year. I hope that everyone who takes a step toward their dream will have a deep sense of purpose and will carefully consider the path they should take without forgetting self-awareness and professional pride.