Department of Health and Nutrition, Food and Nutrition Sciences

Acquire a caring mind and comprehensive knowledge and skills.

In order to become a health and food professional, you need not only specialized knowledge and skills but a compassionate mind that allows you to communicate effectively. Focusing on small classes, we are able to provide detailed guidance to acquire these skills.

Lesson Qualification guide

Licenses and qualification available upon graduation

Dietitian License

Nutritionists create menus, cook, and provide consults at schools, hospitals, offices, and welfare facilities, always while considering nutritional balance. In recent years the number of dietitians engaged in research and development at food companies has increased.


We conduct practical training at schools, hospitals, offices, and welfare facilities for about 10 days in August September of the second year.

Nutrition Teacher type 2 License

Nutrition teachers provide guidance to elementary and junior high schools. Food education happens through classes, school events, food education activities in cooperation with faculty and community and includes individual guidance for students who have problems with food such as obesity, unbalanced diet, and food allergies.


2nd year practicum consists of 5 days of training conducted at elementary and junior high school.