Spirit of foundation / Educational policy

Spirit of foundation


Conscientious behavior is a pillar that supports all the other spirits of the foundation. For example, for our students there is nothing as important as research into science and technology. This is achieved through honest research that cultivates a mindfulness so that students will one day be a positive influence for children. These are manifest in, among other things, the cooking of meals.

Personal Growth

A truly qualified person will always draw knowledge from many sources in order to acquire both an understanding of theory and a developed technique. Learning is a lifetime commitment and only through hard work can we improve ourselves.


Benevolence and service means to lead an honest life. A mind that is considerate of others creates a peaceful home society and world. Charity is essential for a society that is just and cooperative.


Human reliability means that we believe that all people are good. We seek to cultivate creativity, leadership, autonomy, and cooperation. That way we can become someone with a rich personality that can be counted on.


Peaceful harmony is born from communicating honestly with bosses, seniors, and colleagues as well as subordinates, neighbors, and acquaintances. It means greeting other with honestly and sincerity and understanding etiquette. Understanding these things can aid in conflict resolution both among people and cultures.
In life, there is nothing more important than understanding the difference between right and wrong and a language allows us to articulate this understanding. This is vital because well-chosen words can be the difference between peace and discord.
As a student at our school, you’ll have a keen interest in understanding the spirit of construction in addition to understanding the spirit of nurturing and selflessness. Especially in the Early Childhood Education department through various environments and characteristics, students will cultivate a charitable personality.
In the department of Health and Nutrition we encourage an attitude of study that becomes the foundation for people who want to contribute to their community.

Educational policy

Salutation  Cleanliness  Timeliness and Punctuality


We interact with people daily and that interaction starts with the first impression we make. Whether or not this impression is positive will impact a future relationship. A greeting is an expression of a person’s attitude on life. In everyday life it is important to respect one another. If we communicate honestly, we can make a good first impression. We encourage positive interactions both on and off campus.


Cleanliness is very important in one’s home life as well as in their professional life. Because we offer such programs in childhood education, nutrition, and cooking, we take this belief to heart.
Our university has believed in “protecting our environment” since our inception. We take pride in our efforts to live up to this belief in every aspect of university life. We want to study and conduct student life in a beautiful environment. We ask everyone to support us in this.


There is an emphasis on the importance of this in our school culture. We have many commitments here, so it is important to keep appointments so that we can develop a respect for others and work well as a part of a group.
Neglecting the time will cause your reputation to suffer and can affect the performance of your group. As such we ask that everyone act with the time in mind as adherence shows integrity.

Educational and Research Objectives

Research Purposes and Objectives for Training Human Resources at Kokusai Gakuin

School Regulation for the 1st year

Whether studying Early Childhood Education, Nutrition, Culinary Science or general life skills, all research is conducted in accordance with basic education law and is designed to help students develop practical skills that can be broadly applied.

Early Childhood Education Two Year Program

Students in Early Childhood Education research both general education and specialized knowledge and skills all while striving to grow holistically into effective infant caregivers. This helps them to respond to any situation in their work life.

Health and Nutrition Two Year Program

Dietitians research general education topics and relevant professional knowledge topics in order to acquire the basic skills required to operate successfully as cooks in demanding real-world settings.

Culinary course Two Year Program

In this track, students study the knowledge and skills related to nutritional and dietary education as well as general education. Both will develop applicable professional insights into their field. They may pursue the licenses of either nutrition or nutritional education.

Baking and confectionary course Two Year Program

This track is for students to study food education, specialized cooking skills, chef training and general knowledge for practical use.

Advanced Courses

We have a goal to teach more advanced knowledge and techniques to guide research.

Department of Health and Nutrition, Two year program (Degree conferred by National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education)

In addition to knowledge acquired in college life, students can learn life stage nutrition, clinical nutrition, and clinical psychology related to health and wellness. They can also learn more specialized knowledge that can play an active role in nutrition education and management guidance.

Early Childhood Care Two year program (Degree conferred by National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education)

In addition to knowledge and skills acquired at the junior college, students learn special knowledge related to guidance and assistance to help them research a broad number of matters deeply.
Furthermore, we aim to further research on childcare with a focus on basic theory of education, acquisition of teaching methods, and advanced childcare. We also want to train high-quality infant caregivers who can give consultations.

Advanced Culinary Major 1 year program

The goal in this program is to train chefs who are health conscious and have a wealth of knowledge about health and the cuisine of various cultures.

Career Development Major 1 year program

This course is to train students in all programs about how to market their careers by learning how to communicate with potential employers about the wealth of knowledge, training, and experience they have received.

Extended Department 1 year program

The function of this department is to provide a chef training course centered on the Kokusai Gakuin philosophy.