Message from the President

Now at our offices, big changes are taking place. In this era, it is increasingly important to become self-reliant, show initiative, and take responsibility. True understanding can only be gained through practical learning and problem solving.
In the spirit of this university’s founding principles “conscientious behavior, self-development, benevolence and service, human reliability, and peaceful harmony” we carry out our mission of education. Since our founding in1954 we have worked to instill gratitude, clean living, and respect for time into all our students. This means that our graduates are at the forefront of their fields whether they are in our childhood development, nutrition, or culinary programs.
We encourage all our students to acquire knowledge in the humanities through experiencing cultures and developing interpersonal communication skills as they develop their professional skills.
These founding spirits are the basis for our continuing commitment to improve the quality of our education and contribute to the community in which we live.